A collection of abstract drawings, series of portraits and texts with illustration. "What's Inside My Love" explores what's happening within the surface of the model, what's behind the beautiful faces of the loved ones, the complex structures and organisation of the internal system inside the body but also the feelings.

Charles Gallery

Franziska Bachofen-Echt, Frances Von Hoffmansthal, Félix Hohem, Andreas Lonn, Roisin Murphy, Theophile, Stefane Schwarzman.

Where Do I come From ?

I was born in London in 1979. Age 20, I intoxicated myself with a mix of magic mushrooms and codeine and fell into a coma. When I woke up I started drawing and made a career out of it. In 2004 I launched my eponymous label CHARLES ANASTASE that became in 2019 the online concept store charlesxcharlesxcharles.com

On the left, singer Beth Ditto. On the right, Mother's Day card representing two cobra snakes entangling a mangoes

( pencil on vein paper, 2003. Private collection)

La théorie du trait

Le trait et la surface. Le trait définit les surfaces, qui superposées les unes aux autres donnent l’effet de profondeur. Plus le trait est discret, voir transparent, plus l’effet est hyper réaliste. La technique est d’autant plus surprenante qu’elle est accessible contrairement à la peinture à l’huile qui reste assez ardue à maitriser. Tout le monde peut dessiner au crayon et tout le monde dessine au crayon.