"Je suis casting"

10x18cm 300gsm acid free paper original pencil

1 125

Frais de douane et taxe inclus.

It’s very nice to have a friend like Olivier. We get along together just fine. We actually never see each other but each and every shooting that I am doing, he’s here, always as a surprise. He’s actually someone very special to me as he famously made Franziska said once: « Laisse-moi être belle! ». It was a day he couldn’t do her hair soon enough. But I’m not even sure olivier knows about that. That the title of the book and the exhibition was because of him. Or maybe he knows and it’s just me who doesn’t remember. 

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This drawing didn’t sell and after that I’ve had never drawn again.

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America has been flooded by a tsunami of cute–we’re drowning in puppies and kittens and bunnies and cupcakes–that is transforming marketing. But is the world bound to sour on all this sweetness?

Is anyone interested in my OnlyFlans page?

When Cécile said “Have you seen that swans? I’ve never shown you the swan’” (She had actually, a dozen of time at least) I felt that we were not going to arrive to her home anytime soon. Cécile had stopped usby the road. I felt really sick from the medicamentation. The flan. The actual best flan. Much better that the one from yesterday with Pierre-Emmanuel.

If you’re ugly with pretty eyes that’s your moment

The second we entered this bar tabac at Les Halles Paris, Félix starts ignoring me, Isabella is in a psychotic mood, lotta offers me fries at her table, Jezabelle is very busy, I order the wrong size of beer at the bar, the owner is upset, Franziska talks to me for five long minutes and finally Spencer tells me “But Charles you have to find a way to make money out of it”.

Cerebral & Stupid



The whole story started when Fumiko erased me from her life, making me understand I was intending to encapsulate people into characters of my own story

Ceramic by Frederick Hornof, 2021