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I don’t think I’ve read for real American Psycho or even seen the movie. What im most worried about is that I know this scene in the book where the narrator literally eat the clitoris of a random female character and I also know that the scene after watching it of BATEMAN killing his coworker with a chainsaw in the movie is VERY different from the book as it was a literal bisexual sexual scene that is absolutely not translated in the movie here it’s supposed to express in the book the unlimited landscape of crual actions of the hero that happen to be bi. And the movie is therefore extremely dull.

But how can I know so much about both American Psycho if I havent read the book or watch the movie. 

I might have been traumatised that’s a possibility and I’m blocking it or it’s just not that menorable and I read it at a time I couldn’t understand the materpiece it was (the book… the movie is not that good) 

Anyway re reading it or even re watching it on Netflix is a challenge. 

But the only thing I remember and it would be extremely surprising I’ve never read the book is the philosophy of disappearance developed by the author. The main theme of the book being, I’m a psycho killer , you are following my murders, but this time you , as a reader is confronted with the fact that that my murders, as atrocious as there are, and lord knows there described in in the most horrible fashion, don’t count, there forgotten, a bit like like your worst nightmare you’re forget once you wake up. The most atrocious acts depicted in the book are cancelled by the concept of disappearance that represent very well our generation.

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