Felix state 6

Thursday, 10 November, 2008 - New York

Tea time with the girls of OPENING CEREMONY. Two angels absolutly adorable. Tattoos. Le Pain Quotidien. Am I sweating? Talk about business. Someone lost its wallet. Tennessee Thomas and Valentine at APC. Valentine is shooting for Purple with Christopher Niquet. Tennessee wants the boots. I owe her money. I pay for the boots. My card is declined. Bank on the phone for 20 minutes. Did I withdraw cash in Jamaica yesterday? Well no... I buy the boots. Lunch macaroni and cheese disgusting. Sara fed up with me. Taxi. Long, slow. I like I can pay the cab with a credit card.
OPENING CEREMONY the show room. Bernhard Wilhelm’s collection. A dog. OPENING CEREMONY the shop. Is it the place? Everybody is coming here. Bjork often. Adrian Joffre told me nice things about it. Comme Des Garçons perfumes. I check Rodarte. Can I have this CDG hologram panther print wallet please? What do you mean you’ve just sold the last one? But I want it. No negotiation possible. Frustration but happy I saw the shop. My collection will be in next season. Good.
Am I funny or the taxi driver is laughing at my jokes? New york most beautiful city in the world. Sara is flirting again. Back to Soho hotel. Kristopher on the phone, doesn’t want to see me. Magnus Unnar is showing me photo proofs for our next campaign for LOVE magazine. God he’s icelandic. His driver arrives. We have to go to a party. Really ? Let’s go. He says he lives in Chinatown. Party boring in a white building. Looks a lot like Paris. Two guys with hand tattoos and hats. It’s hot and wet. Alexa Chung is deejaying. Notice for the first time how beautiful she is. Avedon’s studio. Awkward to have a party in the flat of someone who’s dead. Valentine’s boyfriend, son of Rolling Stones magazine guy, is quite young. Mark Ronson’s mother talk to me all night long about her... children. I spent a nice time .

Everywhere you look, everywhere you go. There's a face of somebody who needs you. Everywhere you look, when you're lost out there and you're all alone.


Felix is a fashion consultant. Charles and Felix have been romantically involved sine 2014

artwork technical details

Charcoal and oil paint on papier a grain. 29,7 x 42 cm. signed with the model name 'Frances' . inscription on top right '20/18'