JUNE 2, 2021


"But who is this Andreas you always talk about in your stories?" "It's an imaginary friend that I invented some while ago"


Photograph by Andreas Lonn / Stockholm 2021

So much of what made my shows cute and noticeable over the first few seasons came with Marie’s unusual approach to casting. Small girls, very small for Paris’ standards at the time. But also a weird mix of top models, girls living in the countryside … and even the daughter of someone who had been kidnapped. The process of casting being still mysterious to me, I had let Marie go with the strangest of ideas for our upcoming Spring/Summer show: casting only our friends and relatives.She came up with this very bold choice that reinforced the extreme anxiety I was experiencing upon hearing the awkward news that, based on the PR’s initiative and wild negotiations, we would be showing for free at the ‘coldest’ place on earth: Le Carrousel du Louvre. But what Marie wants Marie gets. So everyone went along with a real, feminist casting: Film director Lisa Rovner joined the three members from the band The Like—including activist Tennessee Thomas. Actress Joana Preiss said yes immediately. Even though Christopher Niquet’s sister, a literary prep class student, was petrified by the height of the platform shoes 

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