-"But who is this Andreas you always talk about in your stories?" -"It's an imaginary friend that I invented some while ago"


Photograph by Andreas Lonn / Stockholm 2021​

Frances really hated me calling her a Lady. I tried a couple times and she would always be mortified. 
I almost strangled myself. We arrived earlier by horse carriage with Jim and Marie. Being a little bit late. From MIUMIU ( Frances would note later in a very lighthearted comment : « wedding gifts are supposed to be for both but… 😅😅😅 Rodolphe looked really good in the dog collar as well)
Bixente at my table blah blah (I’m not quite I brungle (push) as Jim would certified a decade later) Bixente asked me a question and Ronnie jumped immediately on the occasion by declaring : « I’m representing Charles! » I had never seen this funny person before and she was actually sat right next to me on my right. I don’t remember much but I know I proposed to eat the shrimp out of her plate from the very beginning of the diner as if a- it’s completely normal to eat out the next person’s plate at a restaurant even when it’s a complete stranger b- I was hitting hard on this woman  
Before the end of the dinner she had proposed me a collab with Topshop which I politely declined. It was a few minutes before I strangled myself with my own shirt that was obviously too small. 
Alban had took me a week earlier to my favorite place in the world Ralph Lauren kids on old non street. It was hard to find the right size as my booty had developed a bit thanks to my trainer. Alban stayed convinced though that it had to do with the heel of my boots. ( « those fucking boots » as Jim used to call them)

Photograph by Andreas Lonn / Stockholm 2021​

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